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Our Maine Coon Kittens
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Our Maine Coons Are European! Are TICA Registered! Are bred in Alberta! Are Top Quality!

Our Aurora Maine Coon cattery in Alberta specializes in breeding European Maine Coons known for their remarkable size, majestic beauty and incredible personality!Take a look through our website to learn more about our cattery and the amazing Maine Coons we breed. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or would want to arrange a visit.

We also breed polydactyl
Maine Coon Kittens!


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest litter of 2023 Aurora Maine Coon kittens!

As a Maine Coon breeder in Alberta, we are devoted to giving our kittens the best care possible because we are enthusiastic about them. We take great satisfaction in assisting our clients in selecting the ideal cat to suit their lifestyle and personality since we feel each and every cat is exceptional and one of a kind.

Our Current
Maine Coon Kittens

Why Our Maine
Coon Kittens

We at Aurora Maine Coons are committed to helping our kittens form enduring relationships with their future families. Our commitment to ethical breeding includes finding each lovely kitty the finest possible home where they can flourish and shower their new owners with love and delight.

Experience the pleasure of bringing one of these remarkable kittens into your heart and home as you explore the world of Maine Coons with us. We warmly encourage you to look around our website, get to know our wonderful family, and start your journey with Aurora Maine Coons. We’ll create the foundation for a lifetime of precious memories and unwavering affection by working together.

Majestic Beauty

The majestic appearance of Maine coons is definitely unmatched when it comes to their attractiveness. Their numerous patterns and colors are guaranteed to draw attention wherever they go, and their long, flowing coats are a tribute to their wild ancestry. At Aurora Maine Coons, we value breeding for beauty and go to considerable lengths to produce the most exquisite and exceptional specimens of kittens. These cats are frequently compared to small lions or tigers because of their amazing size, long, flowing coats, and gorgeous markings. At Aurora Maine Coons, we are committed to producing kittens that uphold the breed standard and exhibit the most exquisite and distinctive characteristics. From the moment they are born, our kittens are given the best care possible, including the right nutrition, grooming, and socialization to help them develop into beautiful, healthy cats.

Playful and Intelligent Personalities

In addition to being stunning, Maine coons are renowned for being intelligent and lively. They are extremely trainable and enjoy interacting with their owners through games, teaching them new tricks, or just cuddling up for a restful snooze. Because our kittens are socialized from an early age and are at ease among people and other animals, they make wonderful additions to any household. Maine coons are always up for some games and fun, whether it be fetch, chasing after toys, or simply cuddling up next to you on the couch. Additionally, because of their great intelligence, they can be taught tricks and are rapid learners.

Health and Wellness

The welfare and health of our cats is our first focus at Aurora Maine Coons. We take great effort to guarantee that our breeding cats are free of inherited health conditions and only breed cats that have undergone rigorous health testing. This guarantees the genetic soundness of our kittens and lowers their risk of later health problems. Our doctor and I collaborate extensively to make sure that our cats get regular checkups, vaccinations, and any necessary medical care. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our kittens are happy and healthy from the time they are born and raise them with the highest love and care.

Lifelong Companionship

The distinct personalities and capacity for forming strong attachments with their human friends are possibly the two most remarkable qualities of Maine coons. These felines are renowned for their devotion and loyalty, and they are ideal lifelong companions for single people, couples, and families alike. We provide a warm, caring environment for the upbringing of our kittens, and we work closely with prospective owners to help them choose the ideal addition to their family.
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