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Blu – SOLD!

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Hi there!!! im wondering if I could get some more info on Blu. Is he available still? Temperment ? When would he be available? How much?

We have been interested in a Maine coon for quite some time, doing our research and now reaching out to breeders , putting out some feelers. We have a “almost senior” male tabby that would love some company and a husband (and me and the children, of course) that also love the companionship of a big beautiful, fluffy cat!! My children are 9 & 14 and no stranger to having a feline in the household. We are looking for a match for our family…..someone new to add and love!!
Thank you for you time and consideration, hope to hear from you.
My name is Tonya, if you would consider a text conversation or email….604-760-5242 or
We are from Cold Lake, AB and in Edmonton all the time!! Hope to hear from you!!

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